RC Flying



First of all is necessary to load the Cleanflight firmware into the Naze32. Therefore you need to download the GUI and then flash it on the board.



The GUI is pretty intuitive by itself but there are several thing to take into considerantion.

Basic Configurations


Choose your frame. You can use diferent kind of topologies.










Directionament of the board. If you placed the board in a different position or angle you can use these tabs to calibrate you fordware direction.


Step 3:

Choose an appropiate receiver mode. In these case I recommend to use a ppm encoder or a ppm receiver to leave free pins, on you flight controller, for other purposes.


Step 4:

Choose your throttle maxs and mins. I also select the option Motor_Stop to unable the transmitter after certain time of inactivity (5sec). 


Motor calibration

The last thing to do before try to fly you multicopter is to calibrate you ESC in order they move at the same speed. Therefore is necessary to follow the next steps:

  1.  Go to motor tabs.
  2. Enable motor control without battery .
  3. Set the master slider to maximum.
  4. Connect the battery and wait untill the motors beep (5s).
  5. Set the master slider to the minimum.
  6. Disable the motor control.

Do not forget to remove the propellers before calibrating the ESC. 


There are other features you maybe want to include in your controller (GPS, sonar…). These are the basic you will need to start.

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