RC Flying


Step 1:

Prepare your drivers and motors, i.e. solder the gold connector to your motors and drivers to easily work with them.

20151030_135345 20151030_135248

Step 2:

Solder the drivers to the board in order to provide energy to all of them. Also you have to solder a connector to your battery.

20151109_175359 20151109_180336

Step 3:

Mount the arms, motors and drivers to the frame.


Step 4:

Mount flight controller. You will see that the frame is thought for bigger size (46mm) flight controllers. As the Naze32 is a 36x36mm you will need some kind of adaptor. I designed and print one you can find here on thingiverse.


Once so far, just need to plug all the connector on the right place and start configuring your flight controller.

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