1-Button Tablet Keyboard

This is a small tablet keyboard, but just with one button. This button has two functionalities. Depending on the time you are pressing the button it will slide to the next page (just clicking) or return to the previous page (remaining around 1 s).

Board+Box                 polsador

You can find the Box files + ealge files + components needed in Github.

The idea is to change pages easily from a music sheet while playing an instrument. Mostly piano. The applications can be others. It does not work with all tablet applications. The one I am using is Musicnotes. It also works with normal reades like Aldiko, but it does not work for example with Adove reader.

This is a project still under construction. It is actually already working (watch video), but I am upgrading the hardware and software for the device. For the moment it is based on the cc2540 from TI. This IC is a Bluetooth Low Power SoC (System on Chip) but it has several inconvinients.

  • IAR: you need IAR 8051 version in order to debbug. There is a free version for 1 month.
  • CC Debbuger: you also need a special debbuger, which costs 49$. With this you can flash the software or debbug with IAR

The source code is based on the HID-Keyboard-Demo provided by TI. You just need to download the protocol stack and the modify it. I was not able to found the original software I wrote.

Besides the software/hardware you also will need a box to contain it. I designed a prototype and printed it with soft PLA.

As I lost the software and TI offers now a new SoC with better qualities (CC2640), I am upgrading the device. This new IC has a M4 core and it is programmable from CCS. This chip needs also a debbuger, but in this case cost only 15$, Devpack.

As soon as I have the new box and the new hardware and software I will upload all the files.

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