Labview Quality Control


Image acquisition

The vision acquisition is a default palette in Labview. It enables the configuration of the camera with prerequisites parameters, and takes an image of the output. As we want to record a video of our production we put the image acquisition into a while loop to actualize the image every cycle of the program in order to see a video.


Image Assistant

The image assistant palette from Labview it is a function, which can be configured to manipulate an image. It can be used to change color, follow a pattern, comparing objects… In this case we configured a pattern object. The pattern is then compared with a new object in the production line, detecting if there is a match between the pattern and the actual object. In order to compare these objects Labview requires a Grayscale. This is an external function called IMAQ ExtractSingelColorPlane.

Vision Assistant

Image Overlay

This part is only an extra code only to follow a correct object. When a piece matches with a pattern, the object is being followed and encapsulated in a rectangle.

Overlay Control

Proximity Sensor Analog input

The proximity sensor give to the usb6008 an analog signal between 0 a 5 volts depending on the presence of an object.

Analog signal

Conveyor belt control

Over the DAQ palette we control a single Mosfet with enable or disenable signal which control the advance of the production line.

Digital output

Stepper motor Control

For the stepper motor control we created a subvi. The subvi enable 4 different output signals to control the h-bridges, as it is shown in figure 4. We used the DAQ palette with an 8 bit array to send the evolution of the signals.

Stepper motor control

End Tasks

At the end of the program we set all the parameters to their default parameters. When a stop button is pressed, the conveyor belt should stop. This it is done with the DAQ function in port 0 line 4 by sending a false to the output. It verifies also if the position of the stepper motor is the correct. By default the position of this motor is always true, that means, in case the last piece was a defect the position has to be changed if not has to stay how it was.


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