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The objective is to turn the stepper motor 90° backwards and forwards. In this application we use 2 h‐bridges which control the coils of the motor. To move the motor we had to create a consecutive AC signal (figure 5), which alternate between the L1 and L2. The direction of the movement depends on which one start first. You can also use a ready to use IC like the A4988.

Here you can find a picture of the simulation perform for the H-bridge




To control the hardware of the system we used the Usb6008 from national instruments.


  • 8 analog inputs (12-bit, 10 kS/s)
  • 2 analog outputs (12-bit, 150 S/s); 12 digital I/O; 32-bit counter
  • Bus-powered for high mobility; built-in signal connectivity
  • OEM version available



From this Usb6008 we supply the different signals. There are 4 output signals to control the 2 h-bridges which operate the stepper motor, 1 output signal to enable or disenable the conveyor belt and an analog input signal which get the data from the proximity sensor.

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