Labview Quality Control

Summary of the Post:

Page1: Introduction on what is intended to do

Page2: Components used

Page3: necessary Hardware

Page4: Software explanation

All the files can be found here on Github.


This is the project I performed in the University of Regensburg. The course was an intensive course and took 2 week on Winter holidays.  I am a fan of this kind of course because in 2 week you get deep enough in touch with a new technology. Personally I have taken 3 different courses. Labview (Pc- messtechnik), web development (HTML5, CSS3, JS,Jquery) and C#.

The purpose of the Project is building a production line which detects the quality of a specific piece. The line is always running and recording objects, then this objects are classify depending if they are in a good state or not.


The program has a pattern object without defects. When an object come through the line, a sensor of presence set an ON signal. Then the camera compare the pattern with the actual object. In case the actual object is in a good condition the object will be classified in the good state box, if not, the stepper motor will turn to the other direction and will be classified in the bad state box.

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