CNC Milling Machine



Most of the “body” of the machine is printed with 3D printers. This decreases relatively the cost of the machine and facilitates manufacturing this kind of machine at home. The figure that follows includes all the parts needed for their manufacture. These designs can be found in the github project Cyclone PCB Factory-related page.

The milling machine works with CNC commands (G-code). Therefore the program, which is explained below and can be found in the documentation, is designed to interpret this type of commands. First they must build the necessary files and then pass them on to the machine.

  • CAD files: design of the schematic and board (layout) of the circuitry. In this case has been used Eagle.
  • G-Code: CNC commands of the designed board. Therefore has been used an Eagle ULP called PCB-GCODE.

Finally some G-code files are generated. These has to be copied into the SD card. These files must be modified so that the machine is able to interpret them. First have to be removed all the lines that contains additional information, they are in parentheses. As the machine is not designed to move at different speeds, it is also necessary to delete all parameters containing “F”, as well as change all G01 by G00. Following Table shows some of the most relevant commands.

Command Description
G20/G21Inches or mm mode
G90Go home (position 0,0,0)
M03Start file
G04 P3.000000Stop for 3s
G00 X42.4615 Y27.7130Move to X and Y specified positions
M06 T03; 1.0160Tool change to diameter 1.0160.
M04/M05Set Spindle motor on/off
M02End of the file

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