CNC Milling Machine

Here you can see the CNC home made Milling Machin working. There is still a lot to do, most of them Assembly improvements as well as some upgrades in hardware and software.

All the files are open source and can be found here on Github. There you will find the firmware and hardware files.

Summary of the post

Page 1: Introduction. What is intended to do.

Page 2: Contruction of the body.

Page 3: Hardware

Page 4: Pinout

Page 5: Board design.


The objective of this project is to implement the hardware and software needed to create home milling machine forPCB designs. This project is based on“Cyclone PCB Factory”, an open source project which is led by Carlos Garcia Saura. It has been active for about 2 years and it is going for the version 2.0 of the system. Accordingly to their website, there have been built 21 machines around the world.


Cyclone project offers a good solution to enjoy a home milling machine. This project, exposed in this document, shows several modifications to allow the machine to be less dependent on a PC. The purpose of this milling machine, is to be used for PCB prototypes in home environments, for hobby… It generates noise and dust, therefore it is not recommended to have it near the work place. The best place to be is relatively isolated from it, but the problem is that not always or not everyone can have it within reach of a PC.

The machine, to be independent from the computer, needs a graphical interface, so the user can see the process, an HID, so the user besides can control the processes and data storage (SD card).


For this machine the PC is only needed in order to program the MSP430 launchpad and to generate the files, the CNC will read and follow in order to mill a PCB.

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