3D Printing

3d printing is one of my hobbies nowadays. The first printer I had was a Huxley from reprap. For me as student was pretty complicated to get the money needed, which was around 500€. Then I realize this hobby will be taking my time and my money.  but I do not regret a thing and I will encourage other people to do so.


Assembly was pretty complicated in the first stages, too excited that I made a lot of mistakes. But fortunately now is working properly. 3D printer opened myself to a bigger projects, making possible to perform other projects, you can find them in this blog. Projects like the solder station, quadcopters, CNC milling machine, piano button and more coming.

I upgraded the Huxley needle from 0.5 to 0.3mm achieving great results. You can see here the quality obtained

.20151011_195954 cable holder 20151011_200154

tablet holder, cable holder, android.

Nowadays I am working with the X400 from German reprap which can printable area from 400x400x350mm, Dual extruder… Quite a monster comparing to the intial Huxley.

2015-01-27 14.05.06


If you are having problems with your printigs and you do not know why is that, here are two detailed pages with the problems and solutions you may be facing with.

Sometimes all your problems can just rely on the material you are using. I have my printer in a relative wet room. I did not realize that this was wetting the material and in consequence it was not working properly (grinding filament).

For example while I was printing the box for a 1-Button Table Keyboard I was facing this problem. I was using soft PLA, so I reduced the speed to the half, it started good, so I leave it working. But at the next day, as you can see in the picture, the result was a mess (right).


So I put the material during two days in a plastic bag plenty of desiccant. Then I started the print again and the results were satisfactory (left).

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