Soldering Station

Here I present a home made solder station. This was performed in cooperation with Matthias.

The solder station is based on a Weller soldering station. What we were looking for was to create a small station, cheap and with a comparable quality to the ones that Weller offers.


The idea was to control the needle usually used by the Weller stations(RT1,RT2,RT3…). This is the most expensive part of the whole station.

The main components used are:

  • arduino pro mini: from banggood.
  • display 1.8″: 128×160 pixels from banggood.
  • Needle:  RT1…5
  • Power supply 12V 8A.

The user has only two buttons to work with. First there is the on/off button on the behind side of the solder station and in the front side there is a potenciomenter, which is intended to control the temperature settings. The display is then in charge of showing the actual temperature as well as the desired temperature among other information (PWM, SB…).

The station als offers a standby mode. This modus is triggered once the needle make contact with metal stand which is connected to a MCU digital input. In Standby mode the temperature is decreased to 170ºC.

The box containing the electronics are printed with a regular 3D printer, Huxley, from RepRap. The parts are separated between 3 parts in order to make it easy to print in a cheap 3D printer. There is a bottom part, a cover and a button.

bottom      cover      button

You can find all the necessary source file here on Github.

Whatch it on Thingiverse.

5 Responses to “Soldering Station

  • Thank you. Your article is very helpful to me.

  • This is a very interesting project. Thank you for sharing. No need to buy one from my website. haha

    • Thank you! Well I actually use the Weller WD1001, as we have it in the Lab, and I am very satisfied with it, in home I use the home made. The problem is the price, by the time we built this we could not afford to pay $500, so it was either use cheap ones = bad ones or built one cheaper and use the weller tip.

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